When all projects are completed, students vote on the top three designs for each class. Voting can be done in many ways. For one, students can present their designs to the class explaining why they chose their design elements and why their book cover is better than the original. Votes are based on the design and the presentation. Or, students could vote for the designs only. This past year, we had classes vote for the top designs from another period. For example, period 1 voted for the top from period 5. The best designs from each class were then displayed in the library for the student body to vote on. (I printed them on regular paper and displayed the new design next to the book with its current cover). We encouraged teachers to bring their classes to vote as well as for individual students to stop by before/after school or during lunch. The designs voted as the top three by the student body received prizes from the library (donated by community sponsors).

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The final step of our process is to replace the old book covers with the students’ new designs. The first year, we printed out all of the completed covers as we only worked with one class. The second year, we printed all of the top winners from each class and ones that the library staff thought stood out as well. Our district printing office printed color copies of the winning covers on proof paper and cut them to size. We then placed the new cover over the old and fitted the book with new plastic covers. These books are now in regular circulation within the library.

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