Hello, everyone I’m here today to share with you guys the apartment metamorphosi for my son’s Nursery and I am so excited to share this video people because before it was just a highly Blank room there wasn’t a lot to it There wasn’t a lot going on And I precisely didn’t know where to start because I craved the nursery to be something that I could Deck out and prepare more childish or draw more girlish and kind of have the flexibility But I didn’t want it to exactly is just like merely all grey because it’s a kids room I missed there to be a little bit of color in there But I too actually wanted it to go with the rest of the house as well So I’m agitated to share this with you guys and reveal you what it kind of ended up looks a lot like and don’t forget to check out my daughter Julia’s kind of Princessy pink, but soft and Modern toddlers room if you guys are interested, I will set a join in the cards for you guys and Also, I did a whole video on like minors constitution and How we kind of make it Fit with the rest of the dwelling because it was very open concept kind of a house And I just don’t didn’t want like kids toys like you know like simply sown everywhere the adolescents rooms are upstairs They don’t need to take over every chamber in the house So don’t forget to check out those videos if you guys are interested and yeah without further ado let’s get into the video so first of all okay I want to kind of show you guys the before this room was very plain there wasn’t a lot to it There was the bed there was a dresser, and that was pretty much it we worked with the Incredible Lisa caning out of Toronto She is an incredible interior decorator Mama said she is a super woman owns her own business writing a book just like She’s everything in a piece of cake you guys want to check out the video that she and I did we sat down now we kind of talked through the process and my thoughts and my favorite portions things like that go and check out that video I will set it in the cards for you guys, but she’s just starting out as a youtuber So croak give her some cherish now I’m going to show you guys some before versus after Footage and then kind of walk you through the space And you can kind of identify for yourself my suppose behind everything and where everything is from but yeah I want to welcome you guys to Luke’s room Here is Luke’s room when you first walk into the space it Is it has a lot of that neutral grey-haired that I cherish but it has those really sweet pas of colouring as well So I’m really happy with how it turned out, but I want to kind of walk you guys through the opening So you have lots of little animals down here these little guys these are from homesense And this is actually a endow from a friend.She made that from scratch Which is Noah’s ark which is incredible And then this slouse right here is from Ikea lots of storage space and infinite for journals because luke and I really love to read storeys together And yeah, so we want like the blues and the ambers, and then up top here in case you guys are wondering we have Saint Luke and Saint Christopher because Luke is my son and Christopher is my husband and then that was a gift from My sister in constitution for Luke’s Baptism and All of these like little bits and pieces are from bouclair and Then over here. We have some articles on the wall one is I love you to the moon and back and then this little map. Which is crazy It’s made of like timber it inspects incredible both of these are from homesense and then this lovely ruler down here is where we measure the children and That was actually a endowment for my friend Lindsey that is from Pottery barn And then these palls now those I off of the I feel the Bed Bath& Beyond Website just amazing curtains they are really good quality highly recommend them and Then over in this corner is our little reading cranny and when I was in wet-nurse the nursing cranny And this table was actually something that Lisa picked up And I’m not sure where she got that one from but I will find out for you guys And then these pillows are from bou claire and the cloaks as well this little bin down here it’s from homesense, and this is a dutailier Rocking chair amazing oh my gosh I am preoccupied with that rocking chair is so good luke’s space in particular is very dark Which is great for when they’re sleeping but it’s not great because there was no light in this space to read anything and so Lisa learnt this nice lamp over here and This is from Ikea, but is it’s awesome.It has like a little Step push thing so you just like step on it to turn it on Which is awesome, but yeah So that is where that is from and then over here is the crib and this was a gift from my parents when Julie was born It is a quebec located Designer as a fasten and fasten nerve I think it’s called and then inside we have some sheets those are from Amazon and the pillows are from bouclair and Then up there is two “youre seeing” me in the reflection Hello, everyone actually etched them and shaped them myself and the encloses are from ikea and then over here we have this little empty space and so crowded it with Pillows and little and lieu to keep things they’ll be filled with playthings. I’m sure eventually and then this beautiful ladder I enjoy this ladder. It merely computes some summit to the space and it’s amazing and these coverings are from I accept Bouclair and I think it’s a brand called poppy Which is an australian brand and beside it we have the parallel dresser to the crib and on top This is the diaper change station obviously And this sheet is also I ordered that from Amazon and then these two makes are from ikea and the photographs inside I got from Indigo, and then these like little railings these are from Ikea and these are great If you don’t have a dresser available, and you just have a table or something like that, and it is necessary to some more space That’s a great place to make everything so we have is cranes and things like that and then napkins and this is just where I? Hang just some of his like sweaters Pajamas things that he exerts on a regular basis thats easy grab and get maybe he’s attire at once But it’s not grimy yet.You know that kind stuff, but I might hang some more baskets as well up there But yes, that is basically this little area now, and that’s pretty much it That is the entire space. I adore how it turned out and that’s everything for this video Give it a thumbs up if you liked these room translations and you want to be more home decor and Organization exactly kind of walk throughs the home and the different products that we’re working on We have a ton coming up in the spring and summer. We’re working on the floor We’re just doing a entire knot of nonsense, and very excited to kind of take you guys along for that so if You’re provoked too. Don’t forget to subscribe. So you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday, and that’s everything I hope you guys are having a wonderful wonderful weekend so far, and I will see you guys all in my next video Love you girls.

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